Yeswan industrial co., Limited -- Established in 2006, is recognized as a quality manufacturer of all types of non-radioactive Gas Mantles.

All of our mantles is made of high-purity rare earth and special handling water. this brings the advantages of more shock-resistant, more bright and more durable. besides, It gives whiter light and big size after burning.

The bottom of our Tie-on mantle is stitched by special impregnated cotton thread. the thread will become a part of the mantle after burning. this methods can avoid any broken from the bottom when burning the mantle.

Another characteristic of our quality mantle is: after burning, the shell is a little soft and elastic, not same as bad quality mantle's shell which is quite fragile and very small size.

Thanks to the above advantage, Our hard inverted Mantles are welcomed by customers in Canada, Germany, U.S.A., United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Czech Republic, Russia, Croatia, Hong Kong, Japan and several other countries.

Besides of Mantle, We also supply other patent lantern parts --- nozzles, chimney and so on .

We believes that the guaranteed quality and keep one's word are the first rule to the customers. we have and willl keep to this rule to cooperate with all of our customers.